Fat e-Bikes – Electric Vehicle Mall Reports on Trending New Winter Sport

Riding Fat e-Bikes over snow is the new Winter recreation sport, a trend that is exploding in popularity allowing a growing number of cyclists to ride all-year round.

Largo, FL – Electric Vehicle Mall is participating in the hot new Fat Tire electric bike trend that is taking cycling to new heights. A subdivision of mountain bikes, these fat tire e-bikes, called Fat e-Bikes, are breaking the mold permitting enthusiasts to ride any time of year. The fat tires, almost 4 inches wide, provide a stable platform to travel over a variety of surfaces including snow, sand, mud, and rough terrain.

According to The NPD Group, Inc. in an October 3, 2017, report, “There is also growing popularity of electric bicycles sporting fat tires (Fat e-bikes). Less than $500,000 in sales two years ago, Fat tire bikes now exceed $2.5 million in sales.”

Once a novelty, Fat e-Bikes and riding them in snow is becoming the norm. From the northwest to the northeast, ski resorts and Alpine recreation areas are embracing the Fat Bikes and Fat e-Bikes opening their snowmobile trails for these cyclists. As the climate changes, average winters are becoming warmer and wetter. That spells trouble for skiers and snowboarders as well as the communities that depend on these snow sports. But bikes with fat tires hold promise for year-round recreation and an economic boom.  Read the full story here

For more information on Fat e-Bikes, what you need to know to find the right one for you, and how to get free delivery to your door call 877-241-2817 or visit https://www.ElectricVechileMall.com to chat.


Ultimate Electric Cargo Trike

With speeds up to 17 mph and a carrying capacity of 350 lbs, the EW-54 is most powerful electric cargo tricycle on the market.

EW-54 Electric Cargo Tricycle

EW-54 Electric Cargo Tricycle

The EW-54 electric trike is perfect for riders that need to carry extra cargo. No balancing is required. With the extra-large metal cargo basket and a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs, this trike can easily carry you and a full shopping cart of groceries.   Also useful for carrying pets, equipment and more.  It makes running your errands fun and easy.  One-trip shopping, without the need for a car, becomes a reality with the EW-54.

Internet and store prices range from 1,000 to $1,500.

High5Scooters.com, known for their strong customer support and technical expertise, advertises the EW-54 for $999, which includes shipping to your residence.

The pedal assist kicks-in automatically as you pedal making the bike glide along with minimal effort. Or you can use the twist throttle on the handlebar to cruise along without pedaling. It even has a reverse so that you can back up to park or to maneuver around obstacles.

The EW-54 electric trike is enormously faster than walking, faster even than a regular bicycle with much less effort, more fun than a car, and sure beats waiting for a cab or a bus or a friend to provide transportation. It’s also super economical since it costs less than 1¢ per mile in electricity to drive it. No gas and no sweat! Go where you want, when you want!

The EW-54 is a great tool for commuters or those working on large campuses. It’s also the perfect solution for those who have lost their license due to a DUI, medical condition or other circumstance. With the rising gas prices these days, electric bikes are becoming an ever more popular, and affordable GREEN mode of transportation.

Power is provided by an 450 watt high-efficiency brushless electric motor that is built into the hub of the rear wheel.  As a result, there are no chains or belts to adjust and the motor is nearly silent.

Four heavy-duty 12 volt high-power batteries deliver up to a 25 mile range on a single charge with light pedaling. The batteries will last 3 years or more & can be re-charged more than 500 times. The EW-54 electric tricycle will travel 18 to 25 miles on a single charge with minimal pedaling. The distance varies with weight, terrain (hills), average speed, steady vs. stop-and-go riding, road surface, and temperature.

The EW-54 is classified as an electric bicycle and is legal most everywhere with no license needed to operate*.

You can see more pictures and get more information here.

*Federal law HR 727 classifies the EW-54 as an electric bicycle and requires that States treat electric bicycles the same as other bicycles. Accordingly, in most States, your EW-54 can be driven without a State drivers license and, unless restricted by local ordinances, can be ridden any place bicycles are allowed to operate.

New XB-610 Electric Moped Bike Replaces X-Treme XB-600

X-Treme’s popular XB-600 electric moped bike was upgraded at the end of the summer to the new XB-610.  The exclusive photo of the just-released XB-610 below was provided courtesy of Electric Vehicle Mall:

New XB-610 Electric Moped Bike

The New Low-Cost Long-Distance Champion - The New XB-610 Electric Moped Bike

The upgrades include an upgraded UL-certified smart battery charger, improved batteries, and an upgraded motor controller (the electronic brain).  These changes that make the XB-610 electric moped bike a tremendous buy since the suggested retail price has been kept the same.

No gas, no sweat and affordably priced at $974 by Electric Vehicle Mall, which includes shipping.

The outward appearance has not changed except for some great looking new spoked wheels and minor changes to the paint scheme which we think makes the XB-610 look a bit classier: top of the trunk box is now a solid blue or black, depending on bike color, instead of the previous white; the decals on the front fairing are now silver instead of red.

Since most of these electric moped bikes are sold over the Internet, how they are packaged for shipping is a very important factor since that affects the condition in which the bike will arrive. Here again, the new XB-610 shines. The shipping carton has been upgraded with a steel frame. And the steel frame is used to securely anchor the bike inside the shipping carton so that it cannot shift around while it is being transferred and trucked to your home. This steel framed box is in turn strapped to a heavy wooden pallet for added security.

The result of these upgrades is a greatly improved product in our opinion over the XB-600 model that it replaces.

The new XB-610 provides considerable distance (range) between charges.  The manufacturer rates it at 30 to 35 miles on a single charge (depending on rider weight, terrain and average speed), the same as the old XB-600.  But, with the better batteries now shipping with the XB-610, some users have reported going even longer distances. The battery pack is designed for easy removal and can be charged on or off the bike.

The XB-610 electric moped bike has a top speed of 20 mph, which is much faster than most pedal bikes – unless of course you’re Lance Armstrong, and zips you quickly to where ever you want to go!  Whisper quiet!  Like all electric moped bikes which have the electric motor is in the rear hub wheel, there is no chain, and the result is a whisper quiet ride.

Since the electric hub motor is also brushless, the only maintenance is the tires, brakes and batteries.

The XB-610 has four large high-power batteries, heavy-duty front and rear shocks, and heavier duty mechanical and electric equipment than its sister model, the XB-502. Figure on replacing the four 20 amp-hr batteries every two to three years depending on how often you ride and whether you keep your batteries topped off to prevent premature aging of the batteries.

In most states, electric bikes and electric moped bikes such as the XB-610 do not require a driver’s license, insurance or registration.  As a result, they are the perfect solution for those who do not have a driver’s license due to a DUI or other circumstances.

Since it is super economical, costing less than 1¢ per mile in electricity, and has tremendous range, the XB-610 electric moped bike also makes a great long-range urban commuter vehicle.

And requiring no gas or oil and able to be parked almost anywhere, the XB-610 is also perfect for those working on large campuses.

More exclusive pictures and much more information on the new XB-610 are available at http://www.electricvehiclemall.com/productinfo/xb610.htm .

The Next Generation Electric Bicycle

THE NEXT GENERATION ELECTRIC BICYCLE HAS ARRIVED! X-Treme Scooters has just introduced a Lithium Ion powered electric bicycle that folds in half for easy transport!

The Lightweight Lithium-Ion Powered XB-310Li Folding Electric Bicycle

The Lightweight Lithium-Ion Powered XB-310Li Folding Electric Bicycle

The XB-310Li weights only 52 lbs including the batteries, motor, everything! Top-of-the-line components, front and rear shocks, off-road capable tires and an 100% aluminum frame are standard. Goes 20 mph without pedaling. The 3 modes of operation include: (1) pedal assist, (2) throttle only (no pedaling), and (3) motor off (ride it just like a regular bicycle). The 300 watt motor is not visible since it is fully integrated inside the hub of the rear wheel. The compact battery pack is attached to the down tube below the seat leaving plenty of room for carrying whatever you like on the included luggage rack. No gas, no sweat and affordably priced at $1,148 by Electric Vehicle Mall, which includes delivery to your residence. Perfect for RV’ers, campers, college students and anyone who wants a lightweight mode of reliable transportation that folds compactly to fit in smaller spaces. More on the new XB-310Li is available at http://www.electricvehiclemall.com/productinfo/xb310.htm .

Affordable 60 MPH Electric Motorcycle!

For the first time, an affordable Lithium powered electric motorcycle capable of speeds of 60 mph is now available in the U.S.

The Lithium Powered 60 MPH XM-5000Li Electric Motorcycle

The Lithium Powered 60 MPH XM-5000Li Electric Motorcycle

Introduced in 2009, the XM-5000Li is the first of its kind highway-capable Lithium-powered high-performance plug-in electric motorcycle. With its 5000 Watt brushless rear-hub motor and twenty one 60 amp-hr Lithium Ion batteries, the XM-5000Li is the fastest and most powerful Lithium powered electric motorcycle available anywhere. The top speed of the XM-5000Li is 60+ mph. With proper care, the Lithium Ion batteries (LiFePO4) can last 7 to 9 years and be charged up to 2000 times! And because of the Lithium power, the driving distances can be up to 85 miles on a single charge*.

This is a beautiful motorcycle with a great profile and an expensive look. It’s also a full size motorcycle at 78 inches in length, yet is super easy to handle at a lightweight 353 lbs (much longer and over an hundred pounds lighter than the $11,000 Vectrix which is 60 inches and 462 lbs). The oversized seat is wide and comfortable, and easily accommodates two large adults.

The XM-5000Li is a joy to ride. The acceleration is very swift, smooth and quiet. The only sound is that of the wind. If you’re looking for a better and more economical way to get around town, while looking classy while you do it, you just found it!

The XM-5000Li is about the same size as the XM-3500Li introduced by Extreme Scooters last year. In addition to it’s significantly higher top speed (60 mph vs 45 mph), it has about 25% more torque than the XM-3500Li which is great for climbing steeper hills or carrying two passengers! With a maximum rider weight of 400 lbs and an oversized seat, two can ride very comfortably. The distribution of the weight is also an important factor since the 21 Lithium-ion batteries are small & stored low in the bike to keep the center of weight low to the ground which gives the driver more stability & control. This very low center of gravity also makes the XM-5000Li extraordinarily easy to confidently move around when you’re off the bike. With front and rear ABS hydraulic disk brakes, the stopping power of the XM-5000Li is both quick & safe. This plug-in electric motorcycle is capable of traveling up to 85 miles** on a single charge and therefore does not need to be recharged daily if the bike is not going to exceed it’s maximum range. Call us if you have any questions about the top speed and/or range you can expect.

Compared to the XM-3500Li, the XM-5000Li also has an upgraded hub motor with redundant sensor controls and a much larger (3X) and upgraded heavy-duty controller with full diagnostics and automatic self-protection circuits (to protect both the controller and the motor). The XM-5000Li is powered by twenty-one 60 amp-hr Lithium-ion batteries and a 5000 watt rear hub motor (as compared to twenty 40 amp-hr batteries and a 3500 watt rear hub motor for the XM-3500Li).

With high gas prices and concerns about global warming these days, electric modes of transportation are becoming an ever more affordable necessity versus traditional transportation. The XM-5000Li is certified Green.

The XM-5000Li is a DOT certified Motor Vehicle. It is likely you will need a driver license with a motorcycle endorsement to operate this electric motorcycle. Consult your local DMV for more details.

Each XM-5000Li includes a MCO (Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin) and Dealer Bill of Sale that you can take to your local DMV office and exchange for a Title (Pink Slip) and License Plate / Registration.

See more pictures and get more information or purchase one for yourself at http://ElectricVehicleMall.com.

*Note: The maximum driving distance of electric vehicles is affected by speed, acceleration, terrain (hills) and weight. Eighty five miles is the maximum achievable distance on one charge using lower speeds with few stops, level terrain, and a 150 lb driver. High speeds, faster and more frequent periods of acceleration, hilly terrain and/or higher passenger weight will significantly reduce maximum driving distance on a single charge.

Why electric vehicles are people-friendly

Miev EV

I was originally going to entitle this blog “Why electric vehicles are earth-friendly”. But that only points to how they are good for the environment when there’s much more to be said about electric vehicles.

In a nutshell, electric vehicles are “people-friendly”, as compared to gasoline powered vehicles, for the following seven reasons:

  1. Quiet: They are whisper quiet. You can’t hear the engine at all.
  2. Power when you need it. Electric engines have a huge range of power output and produce fantastic acceleration when you need it. For example, the new battery-driven Tesla sports car accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 4 seconds.
  3. Fresh air and no SMOG.
    • Zero local pollution.
    • Greatly reduced levels of carcinogenic pollutants in our downtowns.
    • Dramatically lower levels of hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxides pollution generated remotely by power plants and none from those powered by renewable resources such as hydroelectricity, windpower, etc.
    • No more obligatory whiffs of gasoline fumes at service stations. You no longer have to stop at gas stations where you are forced to breath in gasoline fumes laden with carcinogenic compounds like benzene.
    • When most vehicles on the road are electric, you will no longer be forced to breath and smell that oily black smoke coming out of the odd poorly repaired gasoline or diesel fueled vehicle.
  4. Reduced damage from ozone (SMOG) to your property (ever wonder why rubber parts oxidize so quickly?).
  5. Cleaner water (streams, lakes, ocean and groundwater):
    • Our storm drains will no longer be as contaminated with oily runoff.
    • No more oil changes and no more oil going into landfills that eventually contaminate our groundwater.
  6. Global warming: An average 75% reduction in CO2 emissions.
  7. Economy:
    • Simply plug in and charge it up over night while you sleep!  No more having to stop at gas stations to fill your tank, drain your credit card and waste your valuable time.
    • Super low cost to operate. How’s the equivalent of over 100 miles/gallon sound? How about 40¢ to go 25 miles instead of $2 to $3?
    • Super low maintenance costs: Engine oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, radiator belt, water pump, oil pump, alternator, … FORGET ABOUT IT! That messy antiquated stuff isn’t needed anymore!

What’s not to love?

More at:

Welcome to the most exciting time in motor vehicle history!

Tesla EV

Exxon admits oil will become scarce! Fuel prices to go much higher!

Electric vehicles are the earth-friendly wave of the future.

We are dying to pull out of our garage with one of these plug-in babies and then wave as we silently and merrily whisk past our buddies emptying their wallets at the gas stations and whiffing the bouquet of benzene laden gasoline fumes!

We step on the throttle and rapidly accelerate down the road. There is no sound save the increasing whine of our tires against the pavement as we gain speed.

To our buddies at the gas pumps, we quickly become but a spec in the distance while they impatiently check their watches and observe the counter on the pump count up past $100.

Arriving at work early, we plug in to the electrical outlets at our special parking places near the front of the building, provided at no charge as part of a county wide incentives program to reduce SMOG.

When lunch time rolls around, we splurge at the nearest Sushi restaurant with the money we saved on weekly gas. We marvel at our good fortune and begin a love affair with our stylish and super fast new electric car. It reminds of the love affair with our first car in high school, only better.