Welcome to the most exciting time in motor vehicle history!

Tesla EV

Exxon admits oil will become scarce! Fuel prices to go much higher!

Electric vehicles are the earth-friendly wave of the future.

We are dying to pull out of our garage with one of these plug-in babies and then wave as we silently and merrily whisk past our buddies emptying their wallets at the gas stations and whiffing the bouquet of benzene laden gasoline fumes!

We step on the throttle and rapidly accelerate down the road. There is no sound save the increasing whine of our tires against the pavement as we gain speed.

To our buddies at the gas pumps, we quickly become but a spec in the distance while they impatiently check their watches and observe the counter on the pump count up past $100.

Arriving at work early, we plug in to the electrical outlets at our special parking places near the front of the building, provided at no charge as part of a county wide incentives program to reduce SMOG.

When lunch time rolls around, we splurge at the nearest Sushi restaurant with the money we saved on weekly gas. We marvel at our good fortune and begin a love affair with our stylish and super fast new electric car. It reminds of the love affair with our first car in high school, only better.