Why electric vehicles are people-friendly

Miev EV

I was originally going to entitle this blog “Why electric vehicles are earth-friendly”. But that only points to how they are good for the environment when there’s much more to be said about electric vehicles.

In a nutshell, electric vehicles are “people-friendly”, as compared to gasoline powered vehicles, for the following seven reasons:

  1. Quiet: They are whisper quiet. You can’t hear the engine at all.
  2. Power when you need it. Electric engines have a huge range of power output and produce fantastic acceleration when you need it. For example, the new battery-driven Tesla sports car accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 4 seconds.
  3. Fresh air and no SMOG.
    • Zero local pollution.
    • Greatly reduced levels of carcinogenic pollutants in our downtowns.
    • Dramatically lower levels of hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxides pollution generated remotely by power plants and none from those powered by renewable resources such as hydroelectricity, windpower, etc.
    • No more obligatory whiffs of gasoline fumes at service stations. You no longer have to stop at gas stations where you are forced to breath in gasoline fumes laden with carcinogenic compounds like benzene.
    • When most vehicles on the road are electric, you will no longer be forced to breath and smell that oily black smoke coming out of the odd poorly repaired gasoline or diesel fueled vehicle.
  4. Reduced damage from ozone (SMOG) to your property (ever wonder why rubber parts oxidize so quickly?).
  5. Cleaner water (streams, lakes, ocean and groundwater):
    • Our storm drains will no longer be as contaminated with oily runoff.
    • No more oil changes and no more oil going into landfills that eventually contaminate our groundwater.
  6. Global warming: An average 75% reduction in CO2 emissions.
  7. Economy:
    • Simply plug in and charge it up over night while you sleep!  No more having to stop at gas stations to fill your tank, drain your credit card and waste your valuable time.
    • Super low cost to operate. How’s the equivalent of over 100 miles/gallon sound? How about 40¢ to go 25 miles instead of $2 to $3?
    • Super low maintenance costs: Engine oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, radiator belt, water pump, oil pump, alternator, … FORGET ABOUT IT! That messy antiquated stuff isn’t needed anymore!

What’s not to love?

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