Affordable 60 MPH Electric Motorcycle!

For the first time, an affordable Lithium powered electric motorcycle capable of speeds of 60 mph is now available in the U.S.

The Lithium Powered 60 MPH XM-5000Li Electric Motorcycle

The Lithium Powered 60 MPH XM-5000Li Electric Motorcycle

Introduced in 2009, the XM-5000Li is the first of its kind highway-capable Lithium-powered high-performance plug-in electric motorcycle. With its 5000 Watt brushless rear-hub motor and twenty one 60 amp-hr Lithium Ion batteries, the XM-5000Li is the fastest and most powerful Lithium powered electric motorcycle available anywhere. The top speed of the XM-5000Li is 60+ mph. With proper care, the Lithium Ion batteries (LiFePO4) can last 7 to 9 years and be charged up to 2000 times! And because of the Lithium power, the driving distances can be up to 85 miles on a single charge*.

This is a beautiful motorcycle with a great profile and an expensive look. It’s also a full size motorcycle at 78 inches in length, yet is super easy to handle at a lightweight 353 lbs (much longer and over an hundred pounds lighter than the $11,000 Vectrix which is 60 inches and 462 lbs). The oversized seat is wide and comfortable, and easily accommodates two large adults.

The XM-5000Li is a joy to ride. The acceleration is very swift, smooth and quiet. The only sound is that of the wind. If you’re looking for a better and more economical way to get around town, while looking classy while you do it, you just found it!

The XM-5000Li is about the same size as the XM-3500Li introduced by Extreme Scooters last year. In addition to it’s significantly higher top speed (60 mph vs 45 mph), it has about 25% more torque than the XM-3500Li which is great for climbing steeper hills or carrying two passengers! With a maximum rider weight of 400 lbs and an oversized seat, two can ride very comfortably. The distribution of the weight is also an important factor since the 21 Lithium-ion batteries are small & stored low in the bike to keep the center of weight low to the ground which gives the driver more stability & control. This very low center of gravity also makes the XM-5000Li extraordinarily easy to confidently move around when you’re off the bike. With front and rear ABS hydraulic disk brakes, the stopping power of the XM-5000Li is both quick & safe. This plug-in electric motorcycle is capable of traveling up to 85 miles** on a single charge and therefore does not need to be recharged daily if the bike is not going to exceed it’s maximum range. Call us if you have any questions about the top speed and/or range you can expect.

Compared to the XM-3500Li, the XM-5000Li also has an upgraded hub motor with redundant sensor controls and a much larger (3X) and upgraded heavy-duty controller with full diagnostics and automatic self-protection circuits (to protect both the controller and the motor). The XM-5000Li is powered by twenty-one 60 amp-hr Lithium-ion batteries and a 5000 watt rear hub motor (as compared to twenty 40 amp-hr batteries and a 3500 watt rear hub motor for the XM-3500Li).

With high gas prices and concerns about global warming these days, electric modes of transportation are becoming an ever more affordable necessity versus traditional transportation. The XM-5000Li is certified Green.

The XM-5000Li is a DOT certified Motor Vehicle. It is likely you will need a driver license with a motorcycle endorsement to operate this electric motorcycle. Consult your local DMV for more details.

Each XM-5000Li includes a MCO (Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin) and Dealer Bill of Sale that you can take to your local DMV office and exchange for a Title (Pink Slip) and License Plate / Registration.

See more pictures and get more information or purchase one for yourself at

*Note: The maximum driving distance of electric vehicles is affected by speed, acceleration, terrain (hills) and weight. Eighty five miles is the maximum achievable distance on one charge using lower speeds with few stops, level terrain, and a 150 lb driver. High speeds, faster and more frequent periods of acceleration, hilly terrain and/or higher passenger weight will significantly reduce maximum driving distance on a single charge.


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