New XB-610 Electric Moped Bike Replaces X-Treme XB-600

X-Treme’s popular XB-600 electric moped bike was upgraded at the end of the summer to the new XB-610.  The exclusive photo of the just-released XB-610 below was provided courtesy of Electric Vehicle Mall:

New XB-610 Electric Moped Bike

The New Low-Cost Long-Distance Champion - The New XB-610 Electric Moped Bike

The upgrades include an upgraded UL-certified smart battery charger, improved batteries, and an upgraded motor controller (the electronic brain).  These changes that make the XB-610 electric moped bike a tremendous buy since the suggested retail price has been kept the same.

No gas, no sweat and affordably priced at $974 by Electric Vehicle Mall, which includes shipping.

The outward appearance has not changed except for some great looking new spoked wheels and minor changes to the paint scheme which we think makes the XB-610 look a bit classier: top of the trunk box is now a solid blue or black, depending on bike color, instead of the previous white; the decals on the front fairing are now silver instead of red.

Since most of these electric moped bikes are sold over the Internet, how they are packaged for shipping is a very important factor since that affects the condition in which the bike will arrive. Here again, the new XB-610 shines. The shipping carton has been upgraded with a steel frame. And the steel frame is used to securely anchor the bike inside the shipping carton so that it cannot shift around while it is being transferred and trucked to your home. This steel framed box is in turn strapped to a heavy wooden pallet for added security.

The result of these upgrades is a greatly improved product in our opinion over the XB-600 model that it replaces.

The new XB-610 provides considerable distance (range) between charges.  The manufacturer rates it at 30 to 35 miles on a single charge (depending on rider weight, terrain and average speed), the same as the old XB-600.  But, with the better batteries now shipping with the XB-610, some users have reported going even longer distances. The battery pack is designed for easy removal and can be charged on or off the bike.

The XB-610 electric moped bike has a top speed of 20 mph, which is much faster than most pedal bikes – unless of course you’re Lance Armstrong, and zips you quickly to where ever you want to go!  Whisper quiet!  Like all electric moped bikes which have the electric motor is in the rear hub wheel, there is no chain, and the result is a whisper quiet ride.

Since the electric hub motor is also brushless, the only maintenance is the tires, brakes and batteries.

The XB-610 has four large high-power batteries, heavy-duty front and rear shocks, and heavier duty mechanical and electric equipment than its sister model, the XB-502. Figure on replacing the four 20 amp-hr batteries every two to three years depending on how often you ride and whether you keep your batteries topped off to prevent premature aging of the batteries.

In most states, electric bikes and electric moped bikes such as the XB-610 do not require a driver’s license, insurance or registration.  As a result, they are the perfect solution for those who do not have a driver’s license due to a DUI or other circumstances.

Since it is super economical, costing less than 1¢ per mile in electricity, and has tremendous range, the XB-610 electric moped bike also makes a great long-range urban commuter vehicle.

And requiring no gas or oil and able to be parked almost anywhere, the XB-610 is also perfect for those working on large campuses.

More exclusive pictures and much more information on the new XB-610 are available at .


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